Discovering the Spiritual Practice of Mindfulness Meditation

A Six Week Workshop offered by
Christ the King Lutheran Church
Mondays at 7:00 PM through June 15, 2020

Sometimes life can be hectic and fraught with anxiety-provoking events. Add a global pandemic and life can be even more hectic. During this time of PAUSE when we Stay at Home, Work at Home, take our children to School at home, and otherwise distance ourselves physically from the outside world, we watch and wait with the rest of the world as we hope for remedies to Covid-19. The PAUSE is not necessarily a restful one. It is one of a measure of uncertainty and it can be anxiety-provoking. Covid-19 is having an effect on individuals, families, communities, countries, and organizations.

Everyday life is not so every day anymore. Grocery shopping, medical care, school, work, church, recreation, social events; everything has changed. Then, there is the real worry of financial stability in a world gone haywire. It all takes a toll on us emotionally and physically.

In the midst of this hectic and uncertain way of life, we can find peace, strength and joy.

We invite you to discover or if you have already discovered it, to draw upon the spiritual practice of mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation is proven to provide emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits.

Workshop Format
The format of this class will include teaching and practicing the discipline. We will meditate on Scriptural based readings and practice mindfulness. This is a one hour workshop.

Our Workshop Leaders
Rachael Leonard, MSW Social Worker qualified to teach Mindfulness-based Interventions
The Rev. Dr. Cheryl Ann Elfond, Pastor, Doctorate in Spirituality

Please let us know of your interest in attending this seminar by registering at: If you do not have e-mail, please call the church office at
(607) 729-2688 to register.

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"To love the Lord, our God, with all your heart, mind and soul.... [and] to love your neighbors as yourself." (Matthew 22:37, 40)

Christ the King Lutheran Church is a community of faith that has been serving the greater Binghamton area since 1967. We pride ourselves on being a place where anyone and everyone can feel at home while they develop their faith in God and relationships with those around them. We are formed by teaching of Jesus Christ and the Christian faith and have built our mission around: Hearts Loved by God | Hands to Serve All | Through Jesus Christ.

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